6 Ways to Generate New Halloween Content Ideas Every Year

This kind of insight is especially useful to know for those of you that are looking to create evergreen Halloween content.

When it comes to search, it’s been proven that content published in-advance of peak demand has a much greater chance of ranking.

After all, authority has been built, a few links earnt and maybe you’ve even had time to do your own internal linking to make this content your “Pillar” page for all things Halloween.

As well as helping you to plan your content strategy, knowing YoY trends is also super important for creating strategies across the business.

Using social YoY trend insight, you can:

  • Get ahead of your competition.
  • Share content to your social channels to dominate the conversation early on.
  • Use “Build up” months on social as a testbed for bigger content pieces further down the line.
  • Assess social and content engagement in July for early signs of novel trends that may inspire Halloween ideas, and feed this into your content.
  • Feed insight back to other teams (ie. Merchandising) to inform decisions.
  • Serve ads at less competitive times.

And so on…

You can find this “Engagement & content over time” trends in the “Analysis” tab of the Content Analyzer in BuzzSumo.

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