62 Free Marketing Templates for Emails, Ads, Social, Budgets & More

Doing anything for the first time ever is really hard. I recently helped plan a big event and as a content marketer…well…let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite task. That’s why the spirit in the sky created marketing templates. When you’re starting from scratch and you find a template. I know that I would be … Read more

The Adult Content Industry Loves Cryptocurrency

Gutenberg to Google has driven the art of pornography for the masses. Couple of years before the pandemic struck around 45 sex outlets, 570 adult video content websites, and 60 webcam platforms around the globe accepted crypto as a form of payment. Considering the overall size of this expansive adult industry, the numbers are paltry. … Read more

macOS Monterey Officially Arrives Next Monday, Oct. 25

After today’s event, Apple has announced that macOS Monterey will land to the public next Monday, Oct. 25. The updated software offers a wide variety of new feature including Shortcuts and Quick Note. You can also take advantage of Focus that was unveiled in IOS and iPadOS 15. Safari is also sporting a substantial redesign. … Read more

News Publishers, This Is The Event You’ve Been Waiting For!

This post was sponsored by News & Editorial SEO Summit. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Do you work with publishers, news, and media sites? Are you looking to grow your organic search traffic? The good news is that we have great news! On October 26 and 27, you’ll have the … Read more

Elevating Privacy and Security for your users

Posted by Krish Vitaldevara, Director, Product Management We know that a big part of feeling safe online is having control over your data. That’s why every day we’re committed to empowering users with advanced security and privacy controls and increased agency with respect to data practices. With the new Data safety section, developers will now … Read more

How to Create a Social Media Strategy on a Budget: 6 Steps to Follow

An effective social media strategy can do wonders for a brand. So much so that now almost every business dedicates a portion of their revenue to social media marketing alone. And this is where small businesses working on tight budgets find themselves waging an uphill battle against the bigwigs of social media. After all, with … Read more

Programming in Swift: Fundamentals | raywenderlich.com

Oct 19 2021 · Video Course (4 hrs, 6 mins) · Beginner Learn about Apple’s open source programming language, Swift, through hands-on examples! Take a deep dive into the Swift language, learning about core Swift concepts like loops, collections, types, optionals, functions, classes, and more. Version Swift 5.5, iOS 15, Xcode 13 Core Concepts Let’s … Read more

What’s Next for Remote Work? Remote Work Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Since 2020, the whole world has shifted to remote work schedules. While some companies are adopting a permanent remote working culture, others are investing in massive new office spaces. Google recently announced that they will be spending $2.1 billion to buy a huge new Manhattan office space, while Apple has been pushing back its return … Read more

Why You Should Doubt Headline Best Practices Advice (Except This)

Welcome. I was worried you might not find this article. After all, the headline isn’t six words long. And, according to advice on the internet, that’s the optimal headline length. You might have spotted a clue that signals how suspect that advice is. The very headline that promises to reveal the optimal word count comes … Read more